Business Law

To see success and growth, businesses of all sizes need the legal guidance of a firm that understands the demands of the market and the solutions that will set a business up for success.

Legal Solutions to Advance Your Business

At Kantack Alcantara Law Office, P.C., we provide clear and sound business law representation, helping companies and business owners navigate legal issues, and offering strategies for growth. Our representation is tailored to the needs and goals of your business. We assist in all aspects of business law, from the creation of a new business and the completion of transactions to the enforcement of contracts and the resolution of shareholder, partner and other business owner disputes.

Our attorneys take the time to understand your goals for the business or obstacles that you are facing. With your priorities and objectives at the forefront, we offer strategies that will protect your business interests and promote growth. This includes:

  • Asset protection We help to mitigate the risk of loss by providing solutions and business structures that will protect the assets and interests of your organization.
  • Contract law Contracts drive a business's operations. We assist with all aspects of contract law, including negotiation, review, drafting and enforcement of agreements.
  • Business formation and organization Our firm offers guidance to business owners in establishing their business, providing a clear understanding of how a business structure will affect the unique needs and goals of the venture.
  • Shareholder and partnership agreements and disputes — We assist in setting in place agreements that will protect the interests of all major stakeholders in a business. Should disputes arise, we help to resolve those matters efficiently with minimal disruption to the business.

For more information about our services in business law, please contact our firm today at 956-525-4382 or toll free at 866-306-6122.