Attorney Representation on South Padre Island

At Kantack Alcantara Law Office, P.C., we bring more than three decades of experience to our practice. We are committed to accessibility and personal service, offering efficient solutions to legal needs and innovative resolutions to complex legal concerns.

Real Estate and Financing

At Kantack Alcantara Law Office, P.C., we work with buyers, sellers and developers, handling all aspects of residential and commercial real estate transactions.

Business Law and Asset Protection

With a focus on protecting client from personal liability for business activities, we represent a wide range of for-profit and nonprofit commercial entities, including corporations, cooperatives, associations, general and limited partnerships, limited liability companies (including Series LLCs) and limited liability partnerships.

Estate Planning and Probate

Whether you need a simple will or a complex estate plan, we prepare the documents necessary to establish an effective estate plan. We also represent executors of an estate throughout the settlement process.

Guardianships and Probate

When an elderly parent or disabled adult is unable to manage his or her affairs, our attorneys help clients establish guardianships or conservatorships to make important decisions about medical care, end-of-life care and residence.

A guardian or conservator of an estate can also be named to be responsible for probate administration and accounting for all funds in the estate.

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