Business and Asset Protection


The primary role of an attorney who works regularly with business owners is to shoulder the weight of responsibility for legal matters that frequently arise, leaving the business owner to concentrate on running — and growing — the commercial enterprise.

An experienced business law attorney will guide you through your business dealings, advising you on a broad range of concerns, from the appropriate choice for the legal structure of a business entity, through legal ramifications of daily operations, to the purchase or sale of commercial assets.

Legal Strategies for Asset and Business Protection

At the Brown Law Firm, with Ramona Kantack Alcántara Of Counsel, located in South Padre Island, we offer more than three decades of experience to business clients throughout the area. Our lawyers and staff work as a team to develop cost-efficient and innovative strategies to meet the needs of our business clients. We are equipped to answer both straightforward and complex commercial law questions.

Our law firm enjoys a strong reputation as a trustworthy adviser dedicated to providing our business law clients with easy access to an experienced business law attorney who can answer their questions with all necessary urgency and thoroughness.

Our Business and Commercial Law Practice

We work with a broad range of for-profit and nonprofit commercial entities, from corporations, general and limited partnerships, cooperatives and associations to limited liability companies (LLCs) and limited liability partnerships (LLPs), providing comprehensive counsel in a wide spectrum of issues affecting businesses:

  • Formation of a business entity: We will help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of the different business forms (see the business entity comparison table - English or Spanish), including corporations, general and limited partnerships, LLPs, LLCs, Series LLCs, professional associations (PAs), professional limited liability companies (PLLCs), cooperatives, associations and joint ventures. We will also help you evaluate whether a reorganization or conversion from another type of entity will be in your best interests. Once you have selected a business form, we will prepare and file the required documents, including certificates of formation, bylaws, company regulations or agreements, and other governing documents.
  • Purchase and sale: We advise and represent clients during the purchase or sale of business assets, including real property, shares and ownership interests, and business goodwill.
  • Dissolution and transfer: We guide clients through business succession planning by drafting and reviewing agreements for dissolution, termination or transfer of business entities.
  • Asset protection: Different forms of business organizations provide their owners with different types of protection from personal liability for business activities. Selection of the proper business entity is an important part of asset protection, but legal supervision of the operation of the business is just as important for business owners to maximize the protection offered by their chosen commercial structure. We help clients guard against potential veil piercing or other exposure to liabilities of another enterprise under successor liability, alter ego or other theories by structuring their transactions in ways that will minimize that exposure.

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We have solid relationships in and knowledge of the local communities of deep South Texas, including South Padre Island, Port Isabel, Laguna Vista, Brownsville, Harlingen, McAllen, Raymondville, and Cameron, Hidalgo and Willacy Counties. Ms. Kantack Alcántara, Of Counsel for the Brown Law Firm, has built a state-wide reputation for expertise in real estate, including property owner and condominium owner associations and their governance. We have the knowledge, experience and credibility to effectively and efficiently guide you in addressing your legal needs and challenges.


The Brown Law Firm, with Ramona Kantack Alcántara Of Counsel, brings both local expertise and knowledge gleaned over decades of experience in 4 states to effectively address your real estate, business, financing, property and condominium owner association law and development, and related legal concerns.